Receta Latina: Garnachas

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In celebration of the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re bringing you the best recipes from Spanish-speaking countries!

Today’s recipe comes from Belize, and really demonstrates the mestizo influence on the culture!

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Here’s the quick, easy, and delicious recipe, courtesy of the Belize News Post:

Whole Fried Corn Tortillas (Or Fry Your Own, See Below)
Black Beans (Basically, a pureed black bean soup but you may substitute a can of black beans)
1 Large Onion
Habanero Pepper (to taste)
Asiago Cheese about 1/5 lb. Grated (In Belize you would use Dutch “Hard/Red Back Cheese”
Salt (approx. 1/4 tsp. per cup of diced onions)

Start with your Belizean Black Bean Soup, or can of black beans. In a blender puree the beans until it’s mostly smooth consistency. The result of blending is often too watery for garnachas, so you will want to simmer the pureed beans over low to medium heat until enough liquid evaporates to thicken the beans. Use lower heat to prevent burning the beans.
While the beans are simmering down, dice one large onion (about a cup to a cup and half of diced onions). Place the onions in a large jar. Fill the jar white distilled vinegar.
Carefully dice the habanero peppers. Carefully. You don’t want to touch these peppers and then your face for example. It will not feel nice. If your knife skills are not “chef level” use a fork to hold the pepper down while you chop it. Add the pepper to the onion and vinegar. Add a pinch or two of salt to this mixture. Salt to taste.
When you tortillas have cooled (you can prepare them a day ahead) spread the thickened black beans over the corn tortilla shells. Add a spoon or so of Belizean Onion Cortido, and top it off with a spinkling of asiago cheese.

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