Which Celeb Had The Best Summer Ever?

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Ryan LochteNow that the breeze is in and summer is out, it’s time to see whose best week ever turned into their best summer ever and, well, how they looked
doing it. Some put it all in like Apple, with their lukewarm-reviewed 6th generation iPhone bringing in some major revenue for the company. And some took it all off, like Britain’s young Harry and his Soccer Stones. Either way, this summer was one for the books for our top 10, all of  whom took the heat like champs. Still think your summer cruise was the coolest? Well think again, and check out how summer 2012 could have gone for you.

Ryan Lochte OlympicsRyan Lochte: The super speedy swimmer has surpassed his fifteen minutes of Olympic fame and is slowly making his way into the scene as a Hollywood staple. The Olympic gold medalist has hit the red carpet with dreams of a future in fashion and hopes of creating a Lochte brand outside the waves. The half-Cuban, dual-dimpled 28-year-old accepted his own recognition at the ALMA awards and ended the summer with a classic roast on SNL. Lochte broke onto the scene and out of the speedos to start a brand new career as the lovable newcomer.

Penelope Scotland Disick: When is a Kardashian not having the best summer ever? But this summer belonged to the newest addition with the highest maintenance. Penelope Scotland Disick was born July 9 and the Kardashian clan welcomed the seventh lady to the pack. Not only is her future bound to hold all that is lavish, but she’ll be part of the new generation of famous babies rockin’ the catwalk sidewalk. With super-fab mom Kourtney Kardashian holding one side of the bottle, and suave dad Scott Disick holding the other side, little Nelly has one bright baby future.

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Demi LovatoDemi Lovato: The newest “X Factor” judge and once-upon-a-time Disney star Demi Lovato is America’s new sweetheart. With the perfect combination of sass and honesty, and a fierce makeup team to round it off, Lovato has become the go to judge on the hit talent show. The actress/singer of Mexican, Irish, Italian and English decent wears her heart on her sleeve and her fans at her fingertips. DLo made the DoSomething.org Celebs Gone Good list for her anti-bullying campaigns and work in educating teens about healthy eating lifestyles and choices, issues Lovato experienced growing up. All hail the new rock/pop princess.

Eva Longoria and Marc Sanchez: After being dizzy for months with romance rumors swarming overhead, Longoria and Sanchez finally came out the dating closet together. With quarterback Sanchez standing 6’2″ and Longoria barely standing at 5’2″, the couple wasn’t hard to miss, yet insisted on telling the public they were “just friends.” It’s Chicano love blossoming right before the paparazzi lens and it couldn’t get any cuter. Longoria could be her beau’s good luck charm this football season, and Sanchez could be the same for her many endeavors which include a Hollywood restaurant, perfume and cookbook. Talk about summer lovin’.

Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara: It seems like everywhere we turn there is a Jessica Rabbit-framed outline. Winning us over with a voice more famous than she is, Sofia Vergara can charm a charmer. With her role on “Modern Family” propelling her to the top of the money-making Latinos list, and her new engagement to fiancé Nick Loeb, Vergara is on fire right now. If you missed her clothing and bedding line at KMart, her Covergirl promos or her Pepsi commercial during your favorite show, we know her hard-to-miss, bare-it-all figure stays fresh in your mind. This summer Forbes reported the single mom and Colombiana as raking in $19 million last year, making her the highest paid actress on television. Cha-Ching!

Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix: The actor now infamous for his heavy-bearded, dazed stunt sheds it all for his latest role in the highly anticipated film “The Master.” Phoenix plays a World War II veteran attempting to join the real world again despite having one foot still on war grounds. He meets philosopher Philip Seymour Hoffman and the rest is Oscar buzz history. The Puerto Rican actor stars in the movie, being released January 2013, but seems to be keeping a low profile until the press hurricane comes. Riding the calm before the storm, Phoenix is known for his incredibly convincing performances and “The Master” is sure to be no short of that. Just don’t call it a comeback.

Apple LogoApple: With the chilly seasons ahead of us, it’s time to cuddle up by the fire. Romantic scene. Just you and your brand new iPhone. You can’t wait to introduce her to Mom. With Apple knocking on our door and breaking down our wallets again, the iPhone 5 arrived. Coming out to major buzz and greeted with a semi-major reception, the alpha electronic boss definitely ended the summer winning. The 6th-generation iPhone doesn’t come with Siri or the much-loved, much-missed Google Maps, but allows you to capture a crowd with the panoramic camera and weighs less with a sleeker feel. The battery life increased as did the picture quality. Take a bite of the apple. We know you want to.

Kate MiddletonBritain’s Royal Family: The most watched non-Kardashian family decided to end this summer, well, naked. Their barely there moments were everywhere this summer and nothing exposed wasn’t an exposé. First our favorite ginger Harry went wet and wild in Vegas and never looked back. Not even to notice the amateur paparazzi in the room. Harry’s birthday suit made him more popular than ever, and the less covered he was the more likes he got! Weeks later Kate Middleton missed the memo and did some nude sunbathing in France, only to see herself on the cover of international mags soon after. Repercussions followed for the slick camera guys, and French privacy laws were put on the discussion table. The next day the royal couple was seen unfazed and almost unaware the photos even surfaced. Also known as the Royal flush poker face.

Mike BloombergBloomberg Soda Ban: It’s one step for NYC and one large step (literally) for New Yorkers. In an attempt to create a health-conscious New York, the City Board of Health greenlit a ban on the sale of large sodas and sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street vendors. As another notch on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political belt, the restriction takes any sweetened drink in containers larger than 16 ounces off the menu. The public health policy seemed to be unwelcomed, with a poll showing more than half of New Yorkers wanting to keep their Kool Aid smile. Whether you decide to pass on the Dr. Pepper for a water or buy two medium Pepsis at the theatre for yourself, the freedom to drink is yours.

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