How President Obama Got Re-Elected…Thanks To Latinos

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As we all know from the elections last night, Barack Obama was re-elected to the Presidency…and many pundits are saying that he is there because of the Latino vote!

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First up is the reports from MTV News, who credit both the “youth vote” (18-29 year olds), and the Latino vote with putting Obama in office. While Republican candidate Mitt Romney solidly took the “white” vote nationwide (52% of white people nationwide voted for Romney), Obama’s dominance amongst black voters (92% of black people nationwide voted for Obama) and Hispanic voters (72% of Hispanic people nationwide voted for Obama) clinched the victory for him.

Moreover, in the so-called “mountain states” (Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico), Obama won the Latino vote by a wide margin — and of the three, only one “mountain state” (Arizona) ultimately went to Romney, according to ABC News.

According to The Washington Post, the “Latino vote” is larger than it was four years ago — Latinos make up 17% of the total vote, compared with the 15% of four years ago. In addition, Obama only carried 52% of the Latino vote four years ago. The Washington Post suggests that it was Obama’s executive order halting the deportation of young illegal immigrants that earned his dominance in the Latino vote.

Finally, Fox News Latino summed up quite succinctly why the Latino vote was so pivotal to Obama’s re-election: “Latinos got unparalleled attention in this election because they had simply become too numerous to ignore, numbering more than 50 million, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. That is larger than the entire national populations of Cuba, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic combined. And a record number – nearly 24 million — had become eligible to vote, with some 11 million expected actually to do so.”

Watch Barack Obama’s victory speech below:

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