NEWS BREAK: Mitt Romney Says Obama Won Because of “Gifts” To Latinos

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Nobody likes a sore loser, Mittens!

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NBC Latino is reporting that Mitt Romney — who lost the Presidency to Barack Obama by a very wide margin — told a group of his donors that, not only was his candidacy “superb” (whatever gets you through the night, Mittens…), but that the reason President Obama won the election is because he gave “gifts” to Latinos, blacks, and young voters, including amnesty for children of illegal immigrants.

Romney’s comments have raised controversy amongst the rank-and-file of the Republican Party — who, in addition to losing the Presidency, have also lost control of Congress, and whom are currently making efforts to distance themselves from the more extreme factions of the party (namely, The Tea Party). Alfonso Aguilar — a conservative Republican who publicly endorsed Romney for the Presidency — was the most vocal in his dissent about Romney’s recent comments, calling them a “slap in the face” and “disturbing.”

“He lost the election by making comments like that to Latinos,” he said, adding, “apparently Governor Romney doesn’t understand why he lost. If Romney had taken a different tone, especially on issues like immigration, he would have been extremely competitive and could have won the election.”

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