NEWS BREAK: Arizona-Based Latinos Question The Integrity Of The Voting Process

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Believe it or not, the ballots have finally finished being counted in Arizona…two weeks after the election was over. Yet, despite this news announcement, Latinos in Arizona are questioning its integrity, which is resulting in a bi-partisan investigation into the whole process.

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NBC Latino breaks it down quite simply: even though Arizona, unquestionably, went to Romney in the national election process, congressional elections were left undecided for three days because proper protocol was not followed. For one, deadlines were extended in Maricopa and Pino counties. Second, many Latinos in the state who were first-time voters are claiming that they never got their ballots, forcing them to use provisional ballots. Third, Spanish-dominant voters in the state were initially given the wrong voting date.

The Arizona Secretary of State said that he will be meeting with Latino advocacy groups in response to the brouhaha.

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