NEWS BREAK: FLA Latino Man Gets 8 Years In Prison For Snorting Human & Dog Ashes

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Any time there’s a crime story that makes you go “WTF?!” there is a 99.9% chance that the crime happened somewhere in FLA. The Sunshine State — also known as The Hanging Chad State — has had some of the strangest crimes in modern memory, and this crime is no different.

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Today’s WTF? Crime Story comes out of Marion County (Ocala, to be exact), and our friends at Hip-Hop Wired have the scoop. Jose Davis Diaz-Marrero, 20, was given a prison sentence of 8 years for his role in a crime that included robbery, assault, and — strangest of all — snorting human and dog ashes. Diaz-Marrero and his friends (also sentenced to prison for their role in the crime) had been involved in a series of robberies in Marion County, but the robbery that ultimately brought an end to their spree was the robbery of Holli Tencza’s house. After lifting $1500 worth of jewelry, a laptop, and a flat-screen TV, the bumbling burglars happened upon some urns that they believed contained drugs…and snorted them ALL up. It was only after the story made the news that the idiots realized that they snorted the remains of Holli’s father & her two dogs.

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