Washington Heights: The Recap

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In every episode of MTV’s newest hit show, “Washington Heights,” there are really two sets of characters: the players themselves, and the district of Washington Heights of Manhattan.

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And this episode was, of course, no different. Unlike, say, the cast of “Jersey Shore” — at least in the early seasons — the cast of “Washington Heights” are actually doing something, or at least TRYING to do something, to enrich their lives. Frankie, for her part, is trying to be a spoken word artist…although I don’t think Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam will be calling anytime soon. Still, you can’t help but admire her almost-naive determination.

Alexis, meanwhile, is the loudmouth of the bunch, clearly not afraid to get in anyone’s face if they seem to be stepping on her toes.

Leah’s pregnant. Seems this is the Dominican version of “Teen Moms.” Oy.

Rico & Fred’s mom moves out, and they can’t pay their bills. Double oy.

Ludwin and Diana get into it. I’m Team Ludwin, and it seems the rest of Twitter is, too.

And Audobon…well, bless him…we all have that friend who’s a rapper, now, don’t we?

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