5 Best JP Quotes From “Washington Heights” So Far

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Since the premiere of MTV’s newest reality show “Washington Heights,” audiences have begun to fall in love with the cast of young Latinos. I, myself, am one of those people who can’t wait to get home on Wednesday nights to catch the latest drama on the series. While I’m seriously fiending to make Frankie my first ex-wife (She broke my heart when she got with Ludwin!), JP is the one who really stands out.

Producers of “Washington Heights” have framed the show around the aspiring rapper. He is the one who puts things into perspective for the audience. I can see why he is the centerpiece of the show. He is so hilarious. Despite some of the things he says being utterly ridiculous, he has so much charm.

Since I’m already invested in the characters on the show, I tweet while watching and once I reviewed my tweets, I realized most of them were off-the-cuff comments spewed from JP’s mouth. So here are the five quotes we thought were the funniest in the first few episodes. Take a look.

1. “Y’all could sleep here on my couch. Y’all just gotta bring your own toilet paper. I run through a lot of toilet paper. Don’t ask why.”

Amigo, if you are running through toilet paper like that, may we suggest changing up the diet of rice and beans. You know that isn’t anything but a natural diarrhetic.

2. “You look mad white, like a college student!”

Do Latinos not go to college? Enlighten me.

3. “Your love life is totally different from your f**k life!”

This I can’t even hate on because he is all the way correct with this statement!

4. “Jimmy and I have known each other since like before we knew each other.”

Although I get what you mean, you need to sit all the way down. just say y’all have been friends since birth or something.

5. “What dis ice made out of?!”

Uhh…frozen water! What else did you think, JP?

How do you like “Washington Heights” so far? Tell us in the comments!

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