Washington Heights Episode 3: The Recap

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Every reality show will have its breakout stars, and MTV’s “Washington Heights” is no different.

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Last night, we clearly saw that the two breakout stars of the show are J.P. (pictured above) and Ludwin. While J.P. is still schvitzing around NYC trying to be taken seriously (bless his heart for trying), the pint-sized Frankie — with her larger-than-life poetry — is trying to get Ludwin to notice her. Turns out that the tougher-than-leather girl has a soft spot for Ludwin, and she’s finally making her feelings known. Of course, Ludwin doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would really do right by a sweet girl like Frankie. YOU IN DANGER, GIRL!

Meanwhile, Rico and Fred are still fighting it out. God only knows why this time, except to give a needed push to their lagging story line.

Peep the recap video below, & let us know your thoughts at @ZonaDeSabor!

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