Latino Man Rodrigo Diaz Shot To Death For Pulling Into The Wrong Driveway

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A Latino man in Georgia was shot to death today…because he pulled into the wrong driveway.

Keep Up With Zona De Sabor On Facebook brings us the story of Colombian immigrant Rodrigo Diaz, who pulled into Philip Sailors’ driveway in Liburn, Georgia. Thinking it was his friend’s house, Rodrigo quickly pulled out of the driveway when Sailors came out screaming at Diaz to ‘get off my property.’ Sailors, who has no prior criminal record, is a Vietnam veteran who believed his home was being robbed. When Diaz rolled down the window to apologize to Sailors, Sailors shot Diaz in the head. Diaz later died in the hospital, and Sailors was arrested & charged with murder.

What do you think of this tragic story? Tell us at @ZonaDeSabor!

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