Washington Heights Episode 6: The Recap!

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This week’s episode of “Washington Heights” on MTV was nothing if not INTENSE!

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First and foremost, we have the curious case of Jimmy. Even though the team is pushing him hard, he needs to get a REAL job now that he’s on his own & mami isn’t paying the bills. Of course, having to get a real job often means he misses the coveted baseball practice he loves so much.

Meanwhile, Reyna has moved in with Manny, and thanks to this relationship, she’s finally inspired to pursue the singing career she craves so much. (I can’t explain it either…)

And finally, as is often the case with these “friends with benefits” situations, Frankie’s feelings for Ludwin are stronger for him than his are for her. (Oy!) What’s that saying about men being able to fake entire relationships? Well, Ludwin goes off and gives his number to another woman as Frankie sits home pining for this hijo de puta

Check out the sneak peek below, & let us know your thoughts on the episode at @ZonaDeSabor!

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