Michelle Rodriguez Responds To Chris Dorner’s Flirty Manifesto

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Renegade ex-cop Christopher Dorner made it clear that he didn’t like certain people before went out in a blaze of glory at the hands of the L.A.P.D. However, in his infamous manifesto he named dropped several celebrities that he was fond of, including actress Michelle Rodriguez. 

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Dorner, who killed at least four people and wounded several more, called “The Fast & Furious 6″ star ”one of the MOST beautiful women on this planet, period.” 

TMZ ran into Rodriguez on the street and asked how it felt to be complemented by the Dorner and she found it a little creepy.

“Oh man, is that that killer dude?” she asked incredulously. “I’m not too sure if I’m too keen on that,” adding … “Not like I’d like to be a killer’s favorite person.

Watch the clip below. Would you feel flattered of fearful to be admired by a killer?

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