“Washington Heights” Episode 9: The Recap!

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Another Wednesday, another crazy night with the “Washington Heights” cast and crew!

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First off…poor Frankie. Can’t make it work with Ludwin, doesn’t really want to date other people…but she’s trying to do so anyway. And it doesn’t help that the first date she goes on post-Ludwin stands her up. Ugh…Frankie, can she live? And needless to say, after that happened, she decided to have The Talk with Ludwin to discuss the status of their “relationship.” Jeez, Frankie.

Meanwhile, Reyna is trying to be there for both of her parents through their divorce, even though she’s divided. That can’t be easy for anyone.

And it looks like Jimmy’s trying to leave “the Heights” for good, and he’s wondering what’s really holding him back. We’re wondering, too.

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